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Dymo D1 Tape 12mm

DYMO® Easy Peel Split Back D1 Tapes

Top performers on any stage, DYMO® D1 tapes make their home wherever labelling takes you: the office, workshop, retail outlet, school or on the road. Tapes are supplied with DYMO®'s Easy Peel Split Back for trouble-free label application.

These 12mm D1 Tape Cassettes can be used with the LM160P, LM210D, LM260P, LM280P, LM360D, LM450D, LM500TS, PnP, PnP-W and LW450 Duo.

Just right for most applications, these self-adhesive durable polyester tapes are available in a variety background and text colours.


Colours - 12mm Dymo D1 Range

d1blkclr SD45010 - Black on Clear

d1blkwht SD45013 - Black on White

d1blkylw SD45018 - Black on Yellow

d1blkblu SD45016 - Black on Blue

d1blkgrn SD45019 - Black on Green

d1blkred SD45017 - Black on Red

d1whtclr SD45020 - White on Clear

d1whtblk SD45021 - White on Black

d1bluwht SD45014 - Blue on White

d1redwht SD45015 - Red on White

Key Features

  • Single cassette system
  • Thermal transfer technology
  • 14 different colour combinations (not available in all sizes)
  • 5 different widths
  • Quick and easy to use - just insert the cassette and start labelling
  • Other sizes available: 6, 9, 19 and 24mm widths in 7-metre rolls.


adobe LabelManager D1 Tape Chart