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Dymo Warranty

2 + 1 Year Warranty

All Dymo LabelWriter, LabelManager and CardScan machines are covered by a two-year warranty. However, if you register your Dymo product on www.dymo.com.au, you will be entitled to an extra year's warranty.

Dymo Support

For further assistance on the Dymo Warranty, please visit www.dymo.com.au or call the DYMO Helpdesk on 1800 633 868.

3M Industrial (Rhino) Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

All 3M Industrial Portable Labellers (formally know as Rhino) are covered by a one-year limited warranty. It is recommended that you register your machine with 3M to ensure you're covered. To register, please visit: Here.

3M Industrial Support

For further assistance on the 3M Industrial Warranty, please call the 3M Helpdesk on 13 61 36.

Is the image on your battery operated DYMO labeller becoming faint?

The most common complaint we receive is related to the poor quality image being printed onto labels. People always ask how they're meant to replace the ink but luckily for you, DYMO machines don't use ink. Their 'Thermal Printing Technology' is what creates the image and therefore the batteries are required to have a good enough charge in them to create the right amount of heat to fulfil the process.

If your image is poor, please follow the checklist below as there's a 99% chance that this list will cure your problem/fault.

1. Are the correct batteries being used?

  • Batteries might be low
  • It is advised to use only Duracell Alkaline batteries with DYMO machines
  • DYMO machines will not work with Carbon type batteries
  • All batteries used in the machine should be of the same brand
  • Old batteries should not be used in combination with new batteries

2. Is the print head clean?

  • Clean the print head with the special brush delivered together with the labelmaker or a cotton bud and a soft solvent (e.g. alcohol).

3. Is the cassette correctly positioned?

  • Push the cassette firmly into the compartment in order to make sure it fits at the bottom of the cassette compartment.

Should none of the above suggestions fix your problem, please contact the DYMO Helpdesk immediately on 1800 633 868.