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LetraTag LT-100H (BLUE)

LetraTag® LT-100H (Handheld) (Blue)

The DYMO® LetraTag® LT-100H is the compact label maker that is ideal for the home or small office. This simple-to-use system allows you to create labels exactly the way you want. It prints on a variety of coloured labels plus adds popular features like multiple font styles, underlining, bolding, text sizing and more. Unlike other label makers, the exclusive graphical display shows exactly how your label will print. This means no more guessing what the labels will look like. What you see is what you get.

It prints on a variety of labels with different applications, such as paper and plastic labels for organizing and iron-on tape enabling you to easily identify sports equipment, children's clothing and other fabric by simply printing, peeling and ironing on the label.

Uses 12mm LetraTag Label Cassettes in a range of styles and colours.

Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Large 13-character display with print preview for editing label before printing
  • Easy-to-use navigation buttons for easy access to advanced features
  • Prints on 12mm LetraTag® LT labels available in paper, plastic, metallic, magnetic and iron-on
  • 9 label memory
  • 2 line printing
  • 5 font sizes
  • 8 box styles
  • Auto-off Power saver
  • Date/Time Function
  • Multi-lingual RACE Technology
  • Uses 4 "AA" Batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter (not included)


In most cases, problems are solved by checking these 3 basics:

1. Are the correct batteries being used?

  • Batteries might be low
  • It is advised to use only Duracell Alkaline batteries with DYMO machines
  • DYMO machines will not work with Carbon type batteries
  • All batteries used in the machine should be of the same brand
  • Old batteries should not be used in combination with new batteries

2. Is the print head clean?

  • Clean the print head with the special brush delivered together with the labelmaker or a cotton bud and a soft solvent (e.g. alcohol).

3. Is the cassette correctly positioned?

  • Push the cassette firmly into the compartment in order to make sure it fits at the bottom of the cassette compartment.