LetraTag Plastic Tape (Blue)

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LetraTag Plastic Tape (Blue)

LetraTag® Plastic Tape (SD91205)

Created specifically for your Dymo® LetraTag® label maker, Dymo® LT labels are packaged in easy-to-load cassettes and feature an easy-peel backing for trouble-free application.

Wipeable, tear resistant and easy-to-use, the LetraTag® plastic labels come in a variety of colors for added visual impact and easy communication.

Key Features

  • Size: 12mm x 4m
  • Colour: Black on Blue
  • Also available in White, Transparent, Yellow, Red, Green & Silver


In most cases, problems are solved by checking these 3 basics:

1. Are the correct batteries being used?

  • Batteries might be low
  • It is advised to use only Duracell Alkaline batteries with DYMO machines
  • DYMO machines will not work with Carbon type batteries
  • All batteries used in the machine should be of the same brand
  • Old batteries should not be used in combination with new batteries

2. Is the print head clean?

  • Clean the print head with the special brush delivered together with the labelmaker or a cotton bud and a soft solvent (e.g. alcohol).

3. Is the cassette correctly positioned?

  • Push the cassette firmly into the compartment in order to make sure it fits at the bottom of the cassette compartment.