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RHINO Flexible Nylon Tapes

Portable label printers are only as good as the labels on which they print. That's why DYMO® designed a series of labels for a multitude of applications on a wide variety of surfaces. Designed to work with the RHINO™ series of portable label printers, these labels will stick and stay stuck.

Flexible Nylon

The principle application for these RHINO™ labels is wire and cable wraps. The flexible nylon tapes are made of memory-resistant materials, making them ideal to wrap around curved surfaces - wire and cable - and the adhesive will stick and stay stuck for the lifetime of the cable. Don't try this with ordinary office labels, they'll quickly fall to the floor.

The Flexible Nylon label is resistant to UV and tempertures ranging from -18°C to +120°C.


Sizes & Colours - Flexible Nylon Range

d1blkwht SD18488 - 12mm Black on White (PLFN-WHT-1/2) - 071701184887

d1blkwht SD18489 - 19mm Black on White (PLFN-WHT-3/4) - 071701184894

d1blkwht SD1734524 - 24mm Black on White (PLFN-WHT-1) - 071701121868

d1blkylw SD18490 - 12mm Black on Yellow (PLFN-YEL-1/2) - 071701184900

d1blkylw SD18491 - 19mm Black on Yellow (PLFN-YEL-3/4) - 071701184917

d1blkylw SD1734525 - 24mm Black on Yellow (PLFN-YEL-1) - 071701202420

Key Features

  • Sizes: 12, 19 & 24mm widths in 3.5m length rolls.
  • Colours: Available in White or Yellow.
  • Resistant to UV and tempertures ranging from -18°C to +120°C.
  • Ideal uses: Curved of flat surfaces. Wires & cables, patch panels, machinery, equipment, bins, etc.


adobe 3M™ Portable Industrial Label Brochure

adobe 3M™ PLFN Flexible Nylon Data Sheet