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RHINO Self Laminating Tape

Portable label printers are only as good as the labels on which they print. That's why DYMO® designed a series of labels for a multitude of applications on a wide variety of surfaces. Designed to work with the 3M Industrial (formerlly known as RHINO™) series of portable label printers, these labels will stick and stay stuck.

Self Laminating Tape

Rhino self-laminating labels protect your printed area from exposure to oil, solvents, water and abrasion. Specially formulated to stick and last on wire and cable. Self Laminating for cable and wire use. Clear label tail wraps over the text for protection.

Sizes: 24mm width in 5.5m length rolls. (Only suitable for use with the RHINO 6000 & RHINO 6000 Kit)

Sizes & Colours - Self Laminating Range

d1blkwht SD1734821 - 24mm Black on White  ( PLSL-WHT-1)

Key Features

  • Sizes: 24mm widths in 5.5m length rolls.
  • Colours: Available in White.
  • Ideal uses: Wires & cables.
  • Only suitable for use with the RHINO 6000 & Rhino 6000 Kit


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